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“The time has perhaps not yet come when those who are capable of writing the full history of this great movement can give it to the world.” — John Denvir, London, 1910.

IFfF Global, Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit educational organization whose primary mission is to educate interested parties on the complex and often forgotten history of Ireland’s struggle for freedom from rule by the English government. Its goal is to publish, promote and disseminate accurate and comprehensive historical information in the hope of telling the full story of Ireland’s fight – a story whose time has finally come – over 100 years after Denvir’s prophetic words.

Much has been written about the pivotal 1916 Easter Rising that turned the tide toward the establishment of an Irish Free State and ultimately, the creation of the Republic of Ireland. Unfortunately, there is a monumental gap in the tale of what happened between this rising and the year 1603, when King James I declared himself King of Ireland. The entire story of the Irish Fight for Freedom, including many earlier and significant uprisings and the cast of important historical characters who played a part around the globe has yet to be fully told. Of the parts of the story that have been published over time, more recent ones reveal a revisionist history that has influenced the perception of the Irish people and culture in a way that does not reflect the truth as revealed by primary source documents.

As elements of this important story are dispersed around the world, the goal of IFfF Global is to bring these pieces of the puzzle together – to bring the full story to life, and to tell it from a truly global perspective. Its further goal is to ensure that the collective story is preserved indefinitely for present and future generations of Irish citizens and diaspora around the globe – lest we forget all of the Bold Fenian men, and women, who gave so much for the cause of Irish Freedom.

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Rising-IFFF Sword-Dates